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A great alternative to traditional therapy
Group therapy is a great way to cope with mental issues and M.P.A. Group offers a wide variety of group therapy sessions. Call us today for more information about our great group therapy sessions.


Child and Family Groups

The Love and Logic Parenting Group - This hands-on educational group is for parents / caregivers of children ages 18 months and up. The group will cover how to manage adult anger, giving choices, setting firm limits, using enforceable statements, increasing responsible behaviors in children, and how to decrease arguing with your child.

The Child-Parent Relationship Group (C.P.R.) - This group is designed to work with both the child and their parent / guardian to enhance their bond through family play therapy. Participants learn how to effectively set and maintain limits, improve their self-control, and enhance communication and understanding of each other.

The Kids in Difficult Divorce Group (K.I.D.D.) - Kids who have been affected by divorce will learn about identifying divorce, how to handle changes, more effective ways to manage emotions, how to stay out of loyalty binds, not getting caught in the middle, and being an emotional pillar.

The Fabulous Females: Increasing Self-Esteem Group - This is an opportunity for females ages 14-18 years old to learn skills to increase self-esteem. Group topics include finding your identity, self-acceptance, positive thinking, assertiveness, and body image.

The Anger Management Group - This group will work to enhance a child's ability to cope with anger in a healthy way.  The group will work to help children develop effective problem solving skills, teach empathy to help them identify their feelings and the feelings of others, improve impulse control, increase self esteem, and confidence.

The Bullying Busting Group - This group is designed for children who have been bullied. They learn reasons why other children are mean and bully them, along with techniques on how to deal with bullies.

The Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma Group - This group is for parents / caregivers who care for children who have experienced trauma. The topics include understanding the impact of trauma and the behavioral effects on children, how to respond to their unique behavioral and emotional challenges, and learning self-care and stress reduction techniques to build healthy relationships with traumatized children.

The Co-operative Parenting and Divorce Group - This group is for pre and post divorced / separated parents. This educational video-based program is designed to address the relationship between parents, teach them how to cope effectively while focusing on what is in the best interest of the child. Parents will also learn how to improve communication, solve conflicts, and focus on the child's issues on divorce / separation.

Adult Groups

The Anger Management Group - This group is for adults who have had negative consequences to their anger. Participants learn about the chemistry of anger, the physiological and personal costs of anger, anger triggers and distortions, negative coping and defense mechanisms, problem solving communication, and relaxation.

The Self-Development Group - This group is geared towards individuals who have a desire to feel better about themselves. Topics include relaxation, stress reduction, coping skills, self-esteem, healthy relationships, distorted thinking, communication skills, boundaries, decision making skills, and ending self-destructive behaviors.

The Learning to Love You Group - This group focuses on individuals involved in co-dependent relationships. Participants learn how to define co-dependency, learn characteristics of a co-dependent person, learn ways to detach oneself from a co-dependent relationship, and learning acceptance of loving yourself again.

The Tools for Recovery Group - This group is for individuals who are dedicated to their own recovery. Participants will learn how to manage cravings and urges to use, manage thoughts and emotions, refusing offers to use substances, cope with family and interpersonal problems, build a recovery support system, relapse education and prevention, and manage a co-occurring psychiatric disorder.

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